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Automate your HR & Payroll with us

We provide range of recruitment services in India and globally
Permanent staffing - Complete on boarding solution that includes drafting Job description (JD), detailed scrutiny of candidate (background check, Police verification),
Temporary staffing – Adhoc hires for project or assignment specific staff for short term contracts
Recruitment process outsourcing: We are your own HR department. Let experts handle your 100% recruitments
Off shore employee: You choose your employee on our payroll. NO visa, gratuity, medical or accommodation hassle

Benefits of Outsourcing

Substantial cost reduction Avail experts services without hiring them resulting into substantial cost reduction.
No Holidays, No training No need to worry about staff leave, replacement, staff shortage, recruitment, etc. we provide services 24X7X 365 days
No visa, No leave pay Since you are not hiring, no cost on visa, tickets, leave pay or gratuity.
Improved operational excellence When you engage with us, you don’t engage with one person but team of Experts who work independently for you supervised by CA/MBA, so you can be assured of quality of work.
Flexible We adapt to your systems and processes. So, nothing at your end changes. We are your department
Real time service Today, technology allows to provide live-real time services as if staff is working in your office/store.
Secured 100% data security as everything remains in your servers. No need to transfer data

Core HR Management (Employee Database)

Adding an employee, Employee information including the Collection and Using of Bank Details, PF ESI detail, Passport Visa details, Employee documentation, Capturing of Assets and Separation of the employee.
Employee Module also contain the capability of Generating HR related Letter for Single or Multiple Employee and even addition and alteration of Letter template. The overview of Mass Email facility, Damages and Fine and Excel Importer capability and Usage was given.

Payroll Management

. Employee payroll overview and various Payroll input capability like, Salary revision history and analytics, Income tax, Employee LOP day, Stop Salary Processing Arrears and Final Settlement. Which followed with processing of payroll with both methodology with Checklist and Without Checklist.
Payroll Module also reflected the capability and usage of the Verification of the Salary statement and Payout Part which included accounting JV Bank transfer and Publishing of Payslip and Salary related details. The generation of Form 16 and 24Q was also Showcased.

Leave & Attendance Management

Define Multiple Shifts and define absent marking criteria’s, Option to track the attendance through Manual sign in/out or integration with Biometric system, Option for employees for attendance regularization, Manual override option for admin to change the status and Information to the employees on their status for a month and Shift Override.


A brief overview of the Reports available in our Application and Features of Query Builder was discussed.

Employee Self Service Portal –

Employee portal features explained like Leave application, Attendance information, IT declaration, Documents etc.

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